i acknowledge the shortcomings of traditional conventions.

it enables us to challenge the system that we're in.

THE aim

I reckon it’s time to focus on something more sentimental.

Like looking back on the hilarious and precious moments of the day.

Seeing your loved ones that will one day not be with us anymore.

You want to focus on what’s more meaningful.

Like what part of your culture’s roots you are choosing to respect on the day.

Or how to reduce waste and hold a completely sustainable event.

It’s time to focus on something more sincere.

which is that a wedding is a union of two individuals, and celebrating that.

Whether it’s wearing white or going head-to-toe in a rainbow-sequin 70s jumpsuit.

Let’s challenge ourselves to celebrate what means the most to us.

I'm an established wedding and elopement photographer based in inner-west Sydney, Australia.

I started photography over a decade ago. I got into weddings after wanting to make more stylised portraits for people. Galleries with substance, fervor and personality.

I was in the wedding industry years before that. I got sick of the cliches and the traditions, so I founded my business. I jumped at the challenge to not provide an uncomfortable experience. I got innovative.

I began my wedding photography journey in 2011. I worked as an assistant for a now non-existent company. They charged peanuts and milked out as many bookings every weekend as possible. Quantity over quality. I had to give uncomfortable directions and shady sales tactics. After I left, I found out a lot of the couples didn’t even receive their final photos.

It turns out that I wasn’t the only one that wanted a change to this industry. There was a shift to create a more compassionate experience in wedding photography. Creatives like myself led it as well as entrepreneurs and influencers. Turns out that wedding photography can be something that is artistic, bold. It doesn’t have to be agonising.

Even after running my own business for a while, I still questioned a lot of the tropes I saw. I noticed the labour of the bride doing the work while the groom celebrated doing nothing in his speech. The amount of money to please family but not themselves. Couples that secretly wanted to elope. Gendered bridal parties. Unsustainable vendor practices… I could go on.

I’m a dedicated alternative wedding photographer. I create polished images without the painful posing or the coercive sales tactics. This is so you can have your most meaningful moments captured and treasured. You can have an easy experience from the moment you book until you get your album.

Let's celebrate all love. Yearn great memories. Have a wedding day without any regrets.

The options of a local, sustainable photographer still isn’t exactly inspiring.

I'm sure you've seen the hundreds of “natural”, “individual”, “adventurous” photographers right now.

Every Instagram has the same “authentic” photo in the exact same pose. In the exact same fast-fashion dress seen from the exact same blog. Shot by "unique" photographers that all dress like zookeepers. It's okay, I did this too.

A progressive photographer who wants to showcase real diversity is hard to find. Especially without shady marketing tactics. I decided to do it myself.

We want to share better stories. We want to show deliberate, rampant, passionate acts. Powerful moments of all types and shades of love.

Join me in redefining what a wedding day is about.

Together we want to reduce the role of old-fashioned conventions in our culture. I’d love for you to come and join me on the beginning of your lifelong journey.

I don’t believe that weddings are the enemy! You’re wondering why on earth am I in the industry? Why am I supporting something that is so traditional and has a super patriarchal history? Somebody that's quite non-conforming and anti-capitalist like me? With many queer, non-binary, polyamorous friends? This sounds like a bit of a walking contradiction.

Think about it more this way.

It's a day that you can dress like royalty. You proclaim your absolute love for your individual. Make a romantic pact, and then have a massive party with everybody that loves you and celebrates you.

I found that photography is quite one of the few platforms that I can help break all those rules and boundaries. I can share these stories.

We’re all individuals and I’m not here to tell you what your normal, or not normal is. Whether you want to swap out the church for a warehouse. Or want to elope on the other side of the world. You are still part of this change, trading old weddings into the new ultra-modern standard.

Whatever your story is, I’m glad it’s now normal to break the norm of how to get married, without regrets.

Thankyou for being here.

Email me with your story - I’d love to hear from you.