Balmain Hotel Wedding — Na’ama and Matthew

Naama was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at 29 weeks pregnant. Not only did her and the love of her life Matthew have a beautiful baby boy, but they also got married at The Balmain Hotel this September. It was an honour to photograph this day for these two.

I was honoured when Na'ama said that she wanted me to photograph their wedding. I have never seen so much raw, pure joy and love in one room. It is these moments that are so important to be captured forever and this is why wedding photography matters.

Lastly, triple-negative breast cancer is an aggressive breast cancer. It accounts for about 15% of BC diagnoses. It disproportionately impacts women under 40 AND women of colour. TNBC is more common in young (premenopausal) women. If you feel any change, heat, or discomfort in your breast, see a GP as a matter of priority. Don't delay. Make sure to manually check your breasts every month, around the same day, a few days after you finish menstruating. If you’re under 40 & have concerns about breast tissue changing, you can insist on an ultrasound over a mammogram.

Naama is a brilliant writer and friend and I was devastated to hear about her journey. They decided to get married when they found out that family were visiting Sydney from overseas. It was a no-brainer to have Na'amas family be in their traditional Jewish ceremony. Sydney gave us a break from the La Nina rain and it was a gorgeous day down by the shore of Balmain Park, overlooking the harbour bridge.

They have received nothing but unconditional love and support from their friends, family and community. After the news of Na'ama's diagnosis, they helped raise money for a life-saving immunotherapy treatment and hit their target of $60,000 in a little over a day. Their friends went above and beyond helped plan their wedding, from organising the day to supplying wedding flower decorations.

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