Butterland Wedding — Cat & Bardo

Cat and Bardo

There is a common theme of restoring something old and imperfect at Bardo and Cat's wedding and making it more beautiful. A DIY 1973 corolla that was a twelve year project in the making became the centerpiece of their classy, vintage styled wedding in one of my favourite venues ever - Butterland. It's an old, restored butter factory in the town of Newstead, Victoria - just out of Castlemaine.

Bardo and Cat are quiet and sarcastic (my favourite types of people). In Bardo's speech he mentioned he never believed in marriage until he met the one. When they met, one of them was living in Sydney, one in Melbourne. I was contacted over a year ago asking if I'll be available in either city in Spring this year - little did I know he was making the move for her! The artistry of the plants and flowers flourishing the industrial space didn't go unnoticed, by Butterland's owners Katie Marx.

Also their friend made an ice-cream cake. She made it in Melbourne and transported it up in a freezer up to the venue. Bardo wanted an ice-cream cake and did she deliver! (and also had vegan ice-cream sandwiches). The wind was so powerful during the ceremony but it made it so understandable that everyone there was there for them rain, hail or shine - it picked up a sense of drama but then the sun came out towards the end.

Butterland, Newstead

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vendor credits

Venue: butterland

FLORIST: Katie Marx

Celebrant: Dave Edmonds

Cat's Dress: GWendolynne

MAKEUP: Kylie O'Toole

MAKEUP: Kylie O'Toole

catering: Pot & Pan

Groom: Oxford and Bartek

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