Centennial Vineyards Wedding

Centennial Vineyards, bowral

Meg and Damien

Meg and Damien's wedding faced a few challenges. Poor @bennyvalentine.co got sick so I jumped in at the last minute at 48 hours notice, Sydney got hit with another round of flood warnings, we pretty quickly ran out of light due to the weather and dark clouds, and members of the wedding party were sick. But we made it through and got some beautiful shots.

Meg and Damien got married in the beautiful venue Centennial Vineyards in Bowral, just a couple of hours away from Sydney in the southern highlands of NSW. Meg and Damien are both in the music industry which was just absolutely perfect for me to come in at the last minute, considering I am also a music photographer on the side. They were just so hopelessly in love all night.

Meg wore an iconic, statement dress by Rebecca Vallance - a strapless piece with a huge bow at the back. And even in the rain, she just looked so chic and effortless in a fur coat.

Rainy weddings made some incredible candid photos.⁣ My camera is weather proof, so rain doesn't bother me in the slightest. I also got to experiment with some flash photography.

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