The Rise of the “Cool Girl” Wedding Aesthetic

We have seen elements of the "cool girl" aesthetic crop up all over Tiktok, Pinterest and Instagram - but what exactly is it and what does it look like?

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The "it girl"

The "cool girl" bride - the wedding "it girl"

The term "it girl" is used to refer to a woman who is fashionable, stylish, and has a lot of social influence. It is often used to describe young women who are in the public eye and are admired for their beauty, fashion sense, and charisma. An "it girl" may be an actress, model, social media influencer, or other public figure. The term has been used since at least the 1920s and has evolved over time to encompass a wider range of women who are trendsetters and trend followers.

The "it girl aesthetic" is a trend that has originated on Tiktok, Pinterest, and YouTube mostly in terms of vlogger content. This aesthetic is for those who want to be the best version of themselves while showing thanks for the small but beautiful moments. That Girl fashion is rooted in trendy, basic apparel.

That girl, or the "cool girl", or the "it girl", is a contemporary wedding aesthetic with roots in bohemian, yet luxurious and minimalist elements. A celebration of love based on a white and tan colour palette and soft, romantic details.

The aesthetic is where luxury meets minimalism.

The "Cool Girl" Wedding

Cool Girl Wedding Aesthetic

The "cool girl wedding aesthetic" is a term that is used to describe a certain style or theme that is popular in weddings. It typically refers to a wedding that is relaxed, informal, and non-traditional, with a focus on personalization and individuality.

The "cool girl wedding aesthetic" might include elements such as:

  • A laid-back, bohemian vibe, with lots of natural elements and a rustic or outdoor setting
  • Think non-traditional, contemporary minimalist with splashes of colour (green and pink oftentimes appearing as accent color). The budget is not spent on anything too lavish and superfluous, and only on specific statement pieces - spluring on the small but beautiful things that matter to you.
  • A focus on comfort and practicality, with a casual dress code and comfortable footwear
  • Personalized or handmade details, such as DIY decorations or a personalized playlist
  • A relaxed, casual atmosphere, with a focus on fun and celebration rather than formality
  • A non-traditional wedding party, with bridesmaids and groomsmen chosen for their friendship rather than their family relationship
  • A less traditional wedding ceremony, with personalized vows and a relaxed or unconventional structure.

What does the "cool girl" wedding look like?

  • A backyard wedding with lawn games and a barbecue
  • A beach wedding with barefoot guests and a laid-back dress code
  • A city wedding with a rooftop or industrial venue and a hip, urban vibe

Overall, the key elements of a "cool girl wedding" are a focus on comfort, authenticity, and personalization, with a relaxed, non-traditional atmosphere.

Think of garden parties with tablecloths in the sunshine. Think minimalist silhouettes, contemporary fits - jumpsuits, a matching white suit, short dress and long veils, eco-friendly materials (e.g. silk) - mixed with statement accessory pieces such as a pearled handbag or white sunglasses. Wedding jewelry include pearls, gold, beaded, clay, or silver rings. Simple necklaces. Colourful, mix-matched glassware and vases. Flowers are not arranged perfectly, rather scattered accents.

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