Cradle Mountain Couples Shoot / Mel and Matt

I went hiking out in Cradle Mountain on a moody, rainy and foggy day with Mel and Matt for their couples shoot. The views were so epic and inspirational.

I lived in Tasmania for seven years but I had never once visited Cradle Mountain. I don’t know how that happened – because this is Australia’s answer to the Pacific Northwest. Foggy skies, beautiful rocky mountainsides, mossy forests and epic waterfalls – it felt like I was in a fairytale wonderland. Midway into our hike, we saw a beautiful, raging waterfall in the distance and decided to veer off the path. We climbed to the top of a hill to get a better look, and it was so lucky we captured that moment because the rest of the hike took us deep into the forest to the base of the falls, making this our only chance to see them from above.

Mel and Matt are originally from Perth – another place I used to live! Turns out they’ll be leaving Tasmania soon – Matt moved here to study and after a bit of long-distance Mel decided to follow him. Now that Matt’s about to graduate they’re making the long trip back to Perth in December. So how lovely is it that they can spend their last few weeks together in Tassie out in what is the opposite of Perth (think dry, flat and clear blue skies!). What a beautiful time in their lives to remember these images by!

Mel and Matt are so lovely, kind, and naturally affectionate towards each other. I am trying to focus on getting closer with my couples. Not just physically (although I got very up close in some shots here!) but also emotionally. I did this by staying present and quiet and let them naturally relax into each other. This helped me capture real affection. Because it was not just about a nice, refreshing hike in the Tassie mountainside (although the scenery certainly helped!), but also they were also saying goodbye to a chapter in their lives.


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