How many photos do we receive?

Will we receive all of the unedited images?

The number of photos that I deliver can vary widely depending on the specific package that you have chosen and the length of the wedding. This sometimes means delivering thousands of photographs, while others may deliver fewer than 600.

In general, I typically deliver a selection of edited, high-resolution photographs that represent the best images from the wedding. These photographs will typically include a mix of candid shots and posed photographs, as well as a selection of detail shots of the venue, decorations, and other elements of the wedding.

It's important to discuss your expectations for the number of photographs you will receive from me before the wedding, so that you can make sure that we are on the same page and that you will be happy with the final product.

I do not give away my unedited photographs for a few reasons:

1. First and foremost, unedited photographs are not typically considered to be final, finished products. They may be underexposed, overexposed, or have other technical issues that need to be corrected in post-processing. As a result, unedited photographs may not look their best and may not accurately represent my work.

2. In addition, I spend a significant amount of time editing and retouching their photographs to ensure that they look their best. This process can involve color correction, exposure adjustments, and other techniques that help to bring out the full potential of the images. As a result, the edited versions of the photographs are typically the ones that I am most proud of and want to showcase to my clients.

3. Finally, I charge for my services based on the amount of time and effort I put into each wedding, including the time I spend editing and retouching the photographs. By giving away unedited photographs, they would be effectively giving away a portion of the work that they have done, which would not be fair to them or to the couple.

Overall, it's important to understand that wedding photography is a professional service, and the edited photographs that are delivered to the couple are the end product of a lot of hard work and dedication.

Can you modify my appearance?

I do not offer services to significantly alter the appearance of my clients, such as making them look thinner or altering their features. I believe that altering someone's appearance in a significant way can be unethical and can create unrealistic expectations or body image issues. In addition, it violates my personal and artistic vision.

That being said, I do offer some basic retouching services, such as removing blemishes or stray hairs, to help improve the overall look of the photographs. However, these changes are typically subtle and are meant to enhance your natural beauty, rather than significantly altering your appearance.

What happens if you can't make it to the wedding?

If I am unable to make it to the wedding, I will have a plan in place for such an event and should inform you as soon as possible if I unable to attend (in the events such as COVID-19 or natural disaster). I will also do everything I can to find a suitable replacement or make arrangements for another photographer to cover the event. In the case that myself or my replacement cannot make it to your wedding, you will be refunded.

What if we need to cancel or reschedule?

If you need to cancel your wedding, it is important for you to communicate with me as soon as possible. If you have already paid me a deposit, I am entitled to keep all of this payment as compensation for lost income and expenses.

If you need to cancel your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, such as flooding, bushfires or a COVID-19 lockdown, I may be willing to negotiate a resolution that is fair to both parties, such as re-scheduling to another date that I am available.

I love to communicate openly and honestly and always try to come to a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Do you work by yourself or with a second shooter?

I normally work solo unless you would like to also book a second photographer.

There are several reasons why you should book a second photographer:

  1. To capture additional angles and perspectives: A second shooter can help capture different angles and perspectives of the event, providing me with more options when it comes to editing and selecting the final images.
  2. To cover more ground: A second shooter can help cover more ground and capture more candid moments, allowing me to focus on the main events and formal portraits.
  3. To provide backup: Having a second shooter allows me to have a backup in case of equipment failure or other unexpected issues.
  4. To divide and conquer: A second shooter can help the me divide and conquer, allowing them to cover different parts of the event simultaneously.
  5. To provide support: A second shooter can provide support for myself, helping with tasks such as carrying equipment and setting up lights.

Overall, working with a second shooter can help me provide a more comprehensive and professional coverage of the event, and can help alleviate some of the pressure and workload of being the sole photographer.