Film photography wedding packages – what does this include?

As the resurgence of film photography continues to enchant couples, many soon-to-be-wed individuals are seeking wedding photographers who can immortalize their special day through the artful lens of film. Film photography brings a nostalgic and timeless charm to wedding memories, and to cater to this growing demand, I am offering bespoke film photography wedding packages. I'll delve into the components of these packages, exploring what you can expect when you choose film photography to document your love story.

I offer two film photography packages: Full Day and Half-and-Half Film and Digital wedding photography.

Both of these packages include the coverage time, cost of film rolls and shots, as well as film development and scanning.

Film Rolls and Shots

Film photographers work with rolls of film, each containing a limited number of shots. My wedding packages cover an unlimited number of film rolls, because I don't want to run out and tell you that you need to pay for more. On a full day of film coverage, this can be up to 15-20 rolls (around 500-700 shots), but I don't provide a limit. Film's limited capacity encourages me to be more intentional with each frame, resulting in thoughtful and meaningful compositions.

Film Development and Scanning

One of the unique aspects of film photography is the process involved after the wedding. After capturing the images on film, the rolls must be developed and scanned to create digital copies. I get my film developed at one of Sydney's most renowned developing labs, to guarantee you with the highest possible quality standards in your images.

Their team of expert technicians boasts extensive training and experience, enabling them to exercise precise color judgment consistently. Each frame is meticulously examined, and adjustments and corrections are made with utmost care, guaranteeing the delivery of the finest quality scans possible.

Digital and Print Deliverables

All film photos are provided digitally. The digital copies allow easy sharing with family and friends on social media.

Same as my photos shot with a digital camera, I offer printing services through your final gallery - which doubles as a print shop where you can easily purchase and print your photos through a few simple clicks. Printed photographs provide tangible mementos that can be cherished for generations.

Consider a half-and-half film and digital package

Capture the best of both worlds with our unique and enchanting wedding photography package that combines the timeless charm of film photography with the convenience and versatility of digital. Embrace the artistry and nostalgia of film as I craft breathtaking shots using classic film cameras, allowing moments to unfold organically and authentically. The softness, grain, and distinctive aesthetics of film will lend an elegant and romantic touch to your cherished memories.

Complementing this, digital photography ensures that no moment is missed, offering real-time previews and immediate access to the images, allowing for seamless sharing with loved ones. With this thoughtfully balanced package, I can offer you the perfect blend of artistic storytelling and modern convenience, ensuring every aspect of your special day is beautifully immortalized for you to treasure forever.

Ask about film photography in your wedding consultation

The journey with a wedding film photographer typically begins with a pre-wedding consultation. During this meeting, it's also an opportunity to enquire about this package and ask any further questions that you may have.

I understand that individual preferences vary, and I strive to cater to your unique needs. If you have any special requests to match a specific reference (for example, colour over black and white, or a particular film stock), simply communicate your vision to me before the day. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I am dedicated to creating a personalized and unforgettable experience for you.

Film photography wedding packages offer a nostalgic and artistic approach to capturing the beauty of your wedding day. From pre-wedding consultations to the delivery of your cherished prints, these packages provide you with a memorable and timeless keepsake of your love story. Choosing film photography allows you to embrace the allure of analog aesthetics and create a truly unique and sentimental collection of images that will stand the test of time.

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