35mm Wedding Photography

The future of modern weddings

Do you prefer the feel of analog photography over digital? Would you like someone to photograph your entire day on a 35mm camera? Would you prefer to wait for the surprise of your photos getting developed?

This is a brand new optional add-on service for your dream wedding.


film photography

Celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary on 35mm film – Erica & Jesse

August 4, 2023
film photography

Film photography wedding packages – what does this include?

July 31, 2023


Film has a unique look and feel: Film has a distinct aesthetic that many photographers and couples find attractive. Film images often have a warm, soft, and timeless look, with muted colors and a smooth tonal range.

Film requires a slower, more thoughtful approach to photography: Because film has a finite number of exposures, photographers have to be more selective about the shots they take, which can result in more carefully composed and thoughtfully captured images.

Film images have a timeless quality: Many people believe that film images have a timeless quality that digital images lack. This is partly due to the fact that film has a distinct aesthetic, but it may also be due to the fact that film has been around for so long that it has a certain nostalgia associated with it.

Film can be more forgiving in difficult lighting conditions: Film has a wider dynamic range than digital sensors, which means that it can capture more detail in both the highlights and shadows of an image. This can be particularly useful in wedding photography, where lighting conditions can vary widely.

That being said, it's important to keep in mind that film and digital are just tools, and the quality of the photographs will ultimately depend on the skill and vision of the photographer. Ultimately, the decision to use film or digital for your wedding photography should be based on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your wedding.

Why should I have my wedding photographed on film?

Your film rolls will be stored carefully with me, to avoid getting lost, damaged or exposed - much like how I store my digital SD cards, just with a few extra precautions!

In order to protect your wedding film photographs, I handle the film carefully and store it properly. This includes keeping the film away from light, moisture, and heat, and storing it in a safe and secure location.

After the wedding day, I will immediately get your negatives developed, scanned, and digitized. This will allow you to access and share the images even if the negatives get lost or damaged.

What happens if my film photos get lost, damaged, exposed?

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"Tanya was our photographer for our September elopement in Heathcote, Vic. She never hesitated at the idea of shooting our tiny wedding, and was super excited about our plans. She also recommended that after the ceremony we take some shots at the Pink Cliffs nearby and I am so glad she suggested this as those pictures look incredible!
Tanya also acted as a second witness for us on the day, and stayed with us after photos, it truly felt like having another friend there. From the moment we first met with her we knew she would be perfect for us. She is so passionate about what she does and is keen to capture real emotion in her images rather than churning out staged lifeless portraits. It's also a bonus that she's a genuinely lovely human being too! I would recommend her to anyone eloping, having a larger wedding or even doing a couples shoot. We love our photos so much! "


"Thank you SO MUCH! The photos are stunning and I'm looking at them on repeat! Thank you again for all of your hard work, you are so talented and you made our day extra special.
It was really a pleasure working with you and every single one of these photos is perfection. You captured all the important moments, and all the emotions going on during such a special occasion."

"Tanya managed to capture beautifully raw, genuine and unfiltered photos that are oozing with the authentic feeling of who we really are as a couple. Looking back at our photos reignites the emotions that we felt in each moment on what was such a perfect day. She is a beautiful person.
The energy she brought on the day was contagious. She captured exactly who we are. Tanya brought such an incredibly strong aura and a contagious positive energy that we connected to instantly. I can’t thank her enough for the amazing adventure she took us on throughout our time together. Tanya IS the photographer for you. Stop looking and book her in."

We had a wonderful experience with Tanya as our wedding photographer. She is professional, informative, and had regular and consistent communication with us. Most importantly, her exceptional artistic skills meant her photos captured the essence of the day beautifully. We loved having you at our wedding Tanya! Thank you for the special photos and memories.