Glasshaus Wedding (Featuring A Silver, Non-Traditional Dress) — Charlotte & Cam

Charlotte is a creative mastermind - she handmade her bridesmaids' earrings, the brooch on Cam's kilt, and the entire arbour - the circle symbolizing infinity, like a ring.

It's hard to believe that there's anything more beautiful than a wedding, but Charlotte and Cam have done it. The couple got married at Glasshaus Inside, a lush plant warehouse crossed with wedding venue in Cremorne, in Melbourne Victoria. Charlotte made her own silver wedding dress and Cam wore a Scottish kilt.

Charlotte and Cam have been together for eleven years. They are quiet, humble, intelligent, and purely meant for each other. Charlotte handmade most of the elements of the wedding. . The wedding of Charlotte and Cam had an intimate, personal feel throughout. They wanted their day to be meaningful and for their guests to feel like they were part of something special.

The venue certainly has an air of uniqueness about it - the walls are lined with plants and paint a perfect backdrop to get married in front of - and it doesn't hurt that it also serves as a plant shop during the day!

It was not long after this day that we received the news that a family member had passed away. It was a very sobering reminder of what I do for this career and how important it was to be able to document all of the moments of such a happy and momentous occasion - memories frozen in time to be remembered and passed on, heirlooms even.

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