Grampians Wedding — Kelly & Sam

"When I was walking down the aisle I had flash backs to when we were 16."

"The biggest lesson was making sure everything we chose for the day suited and reflected us and what the day meant to us,"

Kelly and Sam met when they were 16, and ten years later, they got married in the Grampians. On the way to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary Sam proposed to Kelly. He had never been to the state, but he thought he could surprise her by hiding in the bushes behind Wineglass Bay. He then convinced Kelly to hike 1.5 hours to the beach to get engaged.

They always loved adventuring in the Grampians so choosing a wedding location was easythe mountains provide an amazing backdrop for the region, and they have always been passionate about exploring the area.

After visiting several venues, they decided on Pomonal Estate, which was perfect for them due to its amazing view and the relaxed atmosphere of its owners, Adam and Pep. They also allowed them to camp on the property! The couple's wedding was not a strict theme, but it was definitely inspired by the area's unique and country-style wedding traditions. They wanted to create an environment that was fun and relaxed, and they also wanted to celebrate their love for each other with their family and friends.

Also, it was sometimes hard to not stress over the smallest details that no one will notice on the day - Sam kept reminding Kelly 'no one will remember that on the night, focus on the bigger picture'.

One of the biggest wedding planning challenge was how to incorporate the amazing scenery of the Grampians into the wedding without making everyone hike up a mountain. To overcome this, we decided to have the ceremony and reception at the one venue (with great views of the mountains), but then we went and took photos with the bridal party at a lookout."

"Choose your battles and be willing to compromise - one person won't get everything they want, but if you have a few things you're set on, then you need to flexible on some things, especially things that the other person is set on."

vendor credits

Kelly's Dress: Grace Loves Lace

MAKEUP: Erin Mellington

suit: MJ Bale

Celebrant: Gilda McKechnie

Jewellery: Stephanie Browne

Confetti: Everland Favours

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