Minimalist, DIY Wedding at Nanga Bush Camp with a Non-Traditional, Modern Slip Bridal Dress — Brett & Joana

Joana and Brett invited me to spend the entire day with them getting their wedding ready at Nanga Bush Camp, in Dwellingup, WA. They supplied almost everything. The flowers came from the wattle that was in bloom at the venue. Joana didn't want a traditional wedding dress and had hers custom made. They even supplied their own food. I watched and hung out with them at the back of the kitchen as they prepared their own American-style BBQ to their guests, wearing aprons over their wedding garb. It was incredible. Seeing both families work hard in the back making the food for the guests showed how communal this event is.

It really showed that at the end of the day, this is a celebration of love and the union of two families.

The ceremony was held on the banks of the Murray River. Brett and Joana chose to walk down the aisle together, write their own vows and provide guests with gum leaves to throw as confetti. There was mass greenery draped from one side of the room to another, thanks to a little help from friend and florist, Bianca and Honey.

I am absolutely in love with just how sustainable this wedding day was, and I think people should take a leaf (pun not intended) out of their book on how they can have a sustainable wedding.

Brett and Joana

Nanga Bush Camp, WA

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