Neighbourhood Wine Wedding — Courtney and Jay’s Relaxed Melbourne Affair

Courtney and Jay's Melbourne wedding at Neighbourhood Wine in Fitzroy North was a celebration of great food, wine, and their love for music. It was a pleasure to photogrph their relaxed and intimate affair, they specifically chose me to bring a unique perspective to their special day.

The Venue

The couple chose Neighbourhood Wine as their wedding venue because they wanted a place that was familiar, not too big, and had a focus on great food and wine. It is one of their favorite restaurants, and they trusted that it would provide a feast that everyone would love. The Sunset Room, where the reception was held, had an eclectic mix of a clubhouse and a grandmother's lounge room, which added to the romantic and special atmosphere of the evening.

The Theme/Vibe

The couple wanted their wedding day to be a big dinner with their closest friends. They didn't have a specific theme, but the venue's relaxed and intimate atmosphere set the tone for the day. They wanted to create an event that was not dissimilar to having people over for a dinner party, but without having to clean up.

The Dress

Courtney wore an embroidered floral dress by Kate Sylvester, which she found cruising Instagram. She did not have a specific picture in mind for what she was looking for, but she wanted something that was nice enough for a wedding and was a bit special. She ordered it online after a very helpful online conversation with a Kate Sylvester representative, and it fit perfectly.

The Favorite Moment

Jay's favorite moment was seeing Courtney in her dress for the first time, known as the big reveal. It was a moment just for them, and everything became very real at that point. They also enjoyed a quick pot of draught at the pub near the reception venue, the North Fitzroy Arms. It was the perfect time to have ten minutes to themselves between the ceremony and dinner, reflecting on the fact that they were married.

The Reception

The reception was a relaxed dinner with the couple's best friends. The food and wine were excellent, which is exactly what they wanted. The couple curated a drinks list from the extensive menu to suit the guests, meal progression, and time of the evening. The choc-honeycomb bourbon cake was pretty special too. The music played through the evening was carefully selected by the couple, reflecting their love for music and the different stages of the night.

Choosing their Wedding Photographer

I am also a music photographer, and the couple approached me because they thought it was a perfect fit for them. I captured the intimate moments of the wedding day, including the couple's first look, the ceremony, and the reception. My unique perspective brought a new dimension to the couple's wedding photos.

The Meaning of Marriage

Marriage means confirming that the couple is a team and an ongoing expression of that. The wedding is a celebration of that with the people they love.

Advice for Other Couples Getting Married

Work out what is important to you and stick to it. It is easy to get caught up in the planning and forget about what is really important. Also, trust the professionals that you hire. They have experience and can help make your day special.

Courtney and Jay's Neighbourhood Wine wedding was a relaxed and intimate affair that celebrated their love for great food, wine, and music. The unique perspective of my wedding photography captured the special moments of the day, making their wedding photos a unique and treasured keepsake. If you are planning a Neighbourhood Wine wedding, don't forget to consider a unique photographer to bring a new dimension to your wedding photos.

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