My First Same-Sex Wedding on the Portsea Coast / Ellie & Lauren

I’ve been waiting for the moment of photographing my first wedding since the same-sex marriage law passed in Australia. For a lot of people, the plebiscite seems like old news, but of course, this is still monumental for all the people that are now beginning to marry this past year. I still squeal internally every time I hear the celebrant say “‘marriage’ means the union of two people to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.”

This is particularly special to me considering I only came out a little under a year ago. Fun fact, I sat across from my girl at the exact same bar for the Melbourne vote result party before we met! Ellie and Lauren remind me a little bit of us – different quirks that I could see in each of them, their fashion sense – and their undying love for their fur baby.

The day was absolutely perfect. I am so happy for these two incredible women. I found it hard to look through my viewfinder from crying during their vows.

Look through these moments and celebrate the here and now. This is Australia and this is 2019. I am so deeply humbled and honoured to have documented this day for these two. x


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