The Tearoom QVB Wedding

Bri described her vision of her wedding to me as very Wes Anderson inspired - so I knew we were on the right path already.

As you can clearly see, Bri and Zhou went for a very unconventional spin at the very decorative tea room in the QVB. Paired with the super high ceilings, large chandeliers, and very traditional setting, we had a beautiful pastel arrangement by Ellebore and Just Add Sugar's retro tower cake.

Like straight out of a fairytale book, or a Wes Anderson film a la Grand Budapest Hotel - this is Bri and Zhou's magical day at the QVB Tearooms in the middle of Sydney.

I met Bri and Zhou a while ago when we did our engagement shoot. These two met online via a dating site nine years ago, and have since built their lives together by getting their own apartment, and live with their two adorable Siberian cats.

Bri and Zhou's Vintage Old-Hollywood, Wes Anderson inspired wedding

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