Celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary on 35mm film – Erica & Jesse

Erica and Jesse

A serendipitous encounter in San Francisco led me to photograph Erica and Jesse's ten-year wedding anniversary in regional Victoria.

Their heartfelt reflections on their journey resonated deeply with me, reminding me of the profound connections I've formed through photography and the unforgettable memories I've been entrusted to preserve.

Ten year wedding anniversary photographed entirely on 35mm film, on the world-class Leica M6

Erica wrote about their journey 10 years down the line and you should read it too, I particularly was drawn to this excerpt:

"We love being together, but we’re still very different people to each other. We encourage each other to be more and more authentically ourselves with every passing day, instead of trying to contort ourselves into becoming The Perfect Person For Our Partner™. I’ve never wanted codependency – and I’m so, so grateful that’s not what this is.

"We choose to be around each other all the time. We choose to sleep in the same bed. We choose to share our thoughts, vulnerabilities, dreams, fears, physical selves, families, social circles, and daily lives with each other. It’s an active, daily choice, not the default. We’re together because we want to be together – because it’s so fucking good – not because we’re scared to be alone."

Read more at "10 Years of Magic" by Erica Bauer.

So funny story, I met Erica and Jesse when I was taking photos of their dog Rigby outside of a cafe in San Francisco in 2017. We recognised our Aussie accents and connected over food, coffee and cameras.

Said good boy, Rigby, on the right.

We stayed in touch online, and fast forward to this week they invited me to their beautiful home in regional Victoria where I took photos for their ten year wedding anniversary.

I had the honour of photographing this shoot on 35mm on a Leica M6 - the difference in quality was so astounding I might make a separate post reviewing it.

I've made some wonderful friends in the most bizarre ways (including former wedding couples!) and I'm so grateful to be able to document their stories and make more memories - it's the least I can do.

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